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If you've been looking for a no-bull, get results SEO writer and content marketing strategist in Bend, Oregon, or beyond . . . you just hit the jackpot.

For a zero obligation, candid discussion about SEO tactics that can help your site rank higher in search results. Just click one of the Let's Talk buttons. That will take you to my calendar, where you can choose the day and time that works best for you. 

I guarantee the discussion will be worth your time. One SEO tip applied to your business could help your business get more customers and boost bottom-line profit. No charge for the discovery talk you schedule. My job is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

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Don Sturgill, SEO Writer

My hands prepare and my brain considers every project the Donald S Sturgill Agency delivers. Even if you're not ready to launch an SEO or content marketing project immediately, call me now to put a temporary hold on my calendar for future work. My aim is simple: To get you more business. Our first discussion doesn't cost you a dime, but I promise to place great value on the time you invest to speak with me.

SEO Meaning: What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of fitting your website to what Google and the other search engines want to see when someone searches for a product or service like yours. You're not optimizing Google. You are optimizing your website for better ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO provides "organic" traffic, saving you the expense of running ads to get "paid" traffic.

  • Optimizes your website, not google's!
  • makes it easier for prospects to find you
  • saves a ton of money on paid ads
  • You want Google to understand what your site is about and convince the search engine algorithm to choose your site when searchers are looking for your products or services.
  • How long does it take for SEO to move your site up in search engine results? That will vary according to how much competition there is for your keywords.
  • There are a bucketful of opinions about how SEO works, but there are only a handful of proven fundamentals. Focus on the basic principles before diving deeper. SEO fundamentals are 90 percent or more of the sauce that makes your site rank on the first page of search results.

Local SEO Services | Oregon SEO Agency

I can help with SEO needs anywhere on the globe, but I especially love working with local businesses in Bend, Redmond, Portland, Eugene, and elsewhere in Oregon. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. When small businesses prosper, the nation prospers. For SEO marketing help, content marketing and content strategy help, schedule a no obligation discussion. Let's talk.

I can write SEO content for your website and landing pages, build safe, well-deserved backlinks to your site ("legal" link building), and help get your business ranked higher in Google Search. I can also make sure you are well-positioned in Google My Business and that your small business website is optimized for sales.

NOTE: Beware of anyone who promises to get your site ranked on the first page of Google Search. Nobody can rightly fulfill that claim every time. Much depends on the niche you are in, the strength of your competition, and the keywords best suited to your business. Your aim is to rank as high as you can for the most relevant keywords and to consistently be mining for others. 

SEO consists of a number of factors that all add up to your site getting found (or not getting found) for the keywords searchers use to find your products or services. Your website provides credibility, generates sales, and builds your brand ... IF and when SEO writing for your business is correctly established. Few of even the best content writers are trained in SEO writing ... but, I am. 

SEO Audits

Even if you're already paying for SEO, it's good business practice to have a third party audit your website to make sure you're getting the best results for your hard-earned money. Many business owners are getting shortchanged by SEO "experts" whose low-quality tactics are doing more harm than good. Know where you REALLY stand. My SEO audit will reveal exactly why your most relevant keywords rank high in search ... and why they don't. 

NOTE: Many SEO providers offer free audits in exchange for your contact information. Those "audits" are typically machine-produced standard reports you get spit back at you via an ongoing series of emails and phone calls wanting to sell you their services. The truth is, you can run the same sort of report yourself (for free and without being hounded) on Neil Patel's platform, Ubersuggest. That's not the type of audit I offer, though. To get even close to the value of the hands-on SEO analysis I give you, they would charge you dearly. Because I'm in business for YOU first, not me, I keep my charges reasonable and fair

SEO Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Your website is to digital marketing what the engine is to your automobile. Your site should be driving a steady stream of customers to various points on your "circle of success." You can operate one of the best companies in town or sell the world's most incredible products online, but you need deeper and more consistent reach to keep the phones and cash registers ringing.

Search Engine Optimization solves that problem by helping you rank higher in search results, and Google Search is where most people go first when they're looking for a business like yours.

There are a ton of SEO scammers out there who'll promise you the moon. They may even be able to get your site to move up in search for a few weeks or months, but as soon as Google catches on to their "black hat SEO tactics," your website will get penalized and can disappear from search altogether. Your best bet is to hang up as soon as they begin the sales pitch. 

Then ... call me for SEO work that is above board and gets lasting results. 

Schedule a no obligation talk with Don

Guaranteed no pressure. I'll listen, advise, and respond to your questions. We'll check your site, I'll recommend ways to improve it ... but how to make the improvments and who will do it is up to you.

SEO Link Building

Link building is tough work . . . when done correctly. Otherwise, it can be dangerous. Stay safe. Don't ever pay for links. Earn your links. You can do that by placing content of real value on select websites that have content related to your business niche. Not only can links help your website pages rank better in search, they can widen the reach of your brand and get your message out to new groups of prospects.

How to build SEO links Google likes

  • Guest posting is when you write an article, but allow someone else to publish it. The higher the quality of the site, the more value you get from the link, so make sure your work is published on the best sites and most relevant sites you can find. 
  • Do you belong to civic groups or volunteer organizations? Ask about creating an article or setting up an interview with them. With a little thought, you can come up with public and private enterprises that would be happy to link to your site.
  • Directories in your niche can be a good source of backlinks, but make sure the directory focus is relative to your business and that it is a high-quality website. Don't join every directory you can find. Be selective or be sorry.

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Content Marketing 

Content audits, webpage content, landing pages, advertising copy, blog content, keyword research, content management, content strategy

SEO Training for Staff

I can train your staff in the fundamentals of SEO and help them launch your campaign. When they're ready, your staff can take full control.

Testimonials From My Clients

If you don't know Don Sturgill, he's who you've been wishing and searching for!!!

From computer hardware and software issues; to marketing your business; to managing and monitoring your business; to creative ideas and copywriting;  

Don does it all!! And he does it quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly!!

Don is A+ #1 in my book!!

Ken Roberts, Author

 I highly recommend Don Sturgill. The investment is worth every penny. His writing allows me to focus on the work ONLY I can do.

Don worked closely with me to convert my ideas and notes into well-written articles. In fact, we have enough content now that we're not far from turning it into a book. The longer we work together, the more he retains about my ‘style’.

Debbie White, Sales Trainer

I've been working with Don for more about a decade and he has always proven himself professional and creative. He is one of those experts who will never just do whatever is required and take your money to move on to the next task. 

Don wants his clients to succeed. He will monitor the results and suggest further improvement or change of plans. He is always inspired and motivated. Definitely my favorite person to work with!

Ann Smarty, SEO Expert

Don has a captivating way with words. He has assisted in creating one of the most successful pieces of content marketing our company has ever created. On top of that, he's just a swell guy to work with.

Dustin Stout, Social Influencer

About Don Sturgill

Writer, Dreamer, Believer. Friend of Entrepreneurs. Don Sturgill is a seasoned SEO writer and SEO content management specialist. He is a former corporate copywriter who now works from his home office in Bend, Oregon. Call Don to get found, get liked, and get more business online.

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